Introducing Our Hands-Free & Contactless Photo Booth

With everyone practicing strict social distancing, it’s vital to be able to offer a safe environment for your photo booth entertainment. With this in mind, PopnPixels has gone hands free. Guests no longer have to touch the screen to start the booth or be sent a digital copy of their photo. 

What is a contactless photo booth? A contactless photo booth is a photo booth that no one touches. It is completely hands-free and operates via a QR code. Users simply pre-register on their mobile device with their sharing information and PopnPixels takes care of the rest. It will automatically start, take the photo, and send it to the user without touching a thing.

Why do I need a contactless photo booth? Normal photo booth operation involves guests touching the screen to start the booth and to type in email address, phone number and social media login information. In the new normal that we live in, we must be extra conscious of spreading germs and sanitization. Letting your guests know that they can use our photo booth safely and without touching anything is invaluable as events begin to open up again.

How to Setup the PopnPixels Contactless Photo Booth:

  • Visit with your mobile phone to register to use the photo booth. This can be relayed via signs or the following QR code:
  • Select whether you would like to receive your photo via email or SMS and enter your information.
  • A QR code is generated to use the photo booth and to send your photo.

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