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Photo   Booth   Rentals   Of   Atlanta,   GA

We create photobooth rental experiences through creating shareable content. We help you make personalized photograph keepsakes using our custom booths and technology for lasting memories that can stay with you and your guests for a lifetime.

Atlanta's #1
Photo   Booth   Rental   Company

Welcome to PopnPixels! We are a Georgia-based photo booth rental company serving in and near Atlanta area! A picture is worth a thousand words. To create the biggest impact at your next event, call and schedule your photo booth rental in Atlanta today! A photo is a physical representation of a memory, which is why our clients love having us at their events. Renting a photo booth is the easiest way to create custom mementos for your guests to cherish for many years to come. We as professionals at PopnPixels are ready to help make your next party a success. Whether it’s a corporate, wedding, celebratory, or celebrity event in the Southeast region, we are the company for the job!

We provide the booths, the props, the backdrops, and more. We are even willing to travel as needed. All you have to do is call us today and get your photo booth rental scheduled now! At our small company, we provide exceptional service coupled with beautiful photos that can last a lifetime and leave a real impression on your event attendees

We aim to provide the best customer service of Photo Booth For Sale. We are a one-stop shop for all of your picture rental entertainment needs. We provide all aspects of the process, so it’s incredibly easy for you and your guests to enjoy the pictures you will create throughout your events. Our booths include many extended features, too, such as virtual props, Hashtag Printing, animated GIFs, videos, and more. Give us a call today for your personalized quote. We can’t wait to help make your event stand out from all the rest!

Here at PopnPixels, we believe in the power of photos. No matter if you’re calling about a corporate photo booth rental opportunity or a wedding photo booth rental Atlanta​, the goal is to create photos that people can access and use to cherish the memories of your gathering. Photos are memories that people can hold, share, or tag others in, which is why having an Atlanta photo booth rental at your event is the best way to help your event really come to life. No party is the same, which is why we take the time and effort to tailor every rental to your corporate, celebrity, or other special event’s exact needs. Whether that’s by providing you with specific props, a certain hashtag for your branding, or a virtual backdrop with your own design in place, we’ve got it covered. Our business has what it takes to transform your request for a ​corporate photo booth rental Atlanta in​to one to remember! Contact us for all pricing inquiries, scheduling availability, or any other rental questions! No matter what your event entails, we’re certain that one of our booths can take it up a notch.


Booths  For  Every  Occasion

Wedding Booths

We bring that “certain something extra” to weddings and help your guests never forget it!


Party Booths

A little goes a long way at a party. You provide the people-we provide the fun!

Corporate Events

We have many corporate partners and love sharing in these events with various companies.


Celebrity Events

Remember that special gathering at your celebrity events, too! We have truly done it all.


Box of Fun Props Included


Outside Booth

Inside Booth

We provide the booths, the props, the backdrops, and more. We are even willing to travel as needed. All you have to do is call us today and get your photo booth rental scheduled now!


Founded in late 2015 from an investment by family, friends, and life savings, our wonderful company has been a staple in Atlanta event life for half a decade. We aim to serve our clientele with passion and professionalism by offering unique event solutions for those who want to spice up the fun at their special gathering. Within months of our foundation, we found ourselves working with high profile celebrities, at corporate events, and even more intimate engagements like weddings and birthday celebrations.

Corporate   Photo   Booth   Rentals   Atlanta

Corporate Photo Booth Rentals Atlanta At corporate events, it’s important to promote your business and to support your staff. Of course, you also want to consider how to make your meeting a success. In order to help your event stand apart from the rest, you must have a defining factor that keeps your employees, staff, or other constituents engaged. Renting a camera party booth is one of the easiest, simplest, and most affordable ways to raise the bar and encourage guest interaction with your brand. We live in a digital age full of social media; let us give your guests a way to take home fun and creative photos while enhancing your business’ social media presence alongside YOUR company’s hashtag and custom branded photos. Our booths are always a hit at team building events, too!

Wedding   Photo   Booth   Rentals   Atlanta

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and couples dream of having the best celebration of their love on this special day. Setting up your wedding photo booth rental Atlanta is a sure-fire way to allow your guests to take more photos, interact with each other, share the moment via social media, and create lasting memories of your special day. These tokens of your wedding will be cherished for years to come. Allowing your guests to have access to fun props and wedding hashtags adds an extra interactive element to your day, so your guests can share in the celebration in a more tangible way. Hire us for all of your entertainment rental needs, whatever the event may entail. We’re ready to provide photo booth rental services for all of your celebrations to come.

When you need a high end photo booth rental in Atlanta, our team of experienced professionals is ready to answer any questions you may have. We provide exceptional customer service with an attendant throughout your entire rental period. We go above and beyond to ensure that your picture booth rental is the ultimate photo entertainment experience. Our small, professional team offers a unique service to each of our clients with a smooth process, plus state of the art equipment. We have several different types of booths, including our Pixel Station and a Social Media Printing Station. So no matter what you’re looking for, we have the best, cutting edge technological photo booth selections to choose from.

We have many years of experience operating vintage to open air photo booth rentals in Atlanta, and we are fully invested in helping you enjoy your event day. Our photo booths can text, e-mail, and upload directly to social media, all in one simple unit. They are also large enough to accommodate up to 12 users at one time. Combine this with our silly props, custom backgrounds, green screen, and GIF options. This makes the perfect photo booth rental for weddings and other special events. Our most commonly requested events include corporate events, weddings, celebrity events, and birthday parties. PopnPixels is the perfect ice breaker to encourage socializing, fun, and enhance social media engagement at any celebration. At our events, your family and friends get to take home a special keepsake. We try to provide the best photo booth rentals in Metro Atlanta. We ignite the fun and are one of the best ways to treat your guests to an unforgettable time!

Our team of professionals are ready to provide unique fun, incredible photos, outstanding service, and memories you’ll never forget. We truly believe that our success is measured in smiles. So give us a call today to hire the best company for your Atlanta Photo Booth Rental for instant fun and lasting memories!

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