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Photo booths have gained so much popularity that we cannot think of any function without them. The reason is very simple; they bring for you and your guests beautiful memories. They are a perfect icebreaker and provide an easy way to generate fun and entertainment for any event, thereby bringing peoples closer. Laughter, smile, and joy are some of the unique forms of entertainment which a photo booth provides. Besides this, if you have arranged a corporate party or a wedding party, it provides you party favor as you can brand the photos with the company’s logos or wedding monogram with a sweet message. Also, the photograph acts like keepsakes for your guests, which they will keep and cherish memories for long.

360   Degree   Video   Experience

With increased popularity comes increased responsibility. Taking this into consideration, 360 photo booth rental Atlanta has come up with our new innovative product, 360 degree photo booth. Unlike other photo booths, this photo booth provides an outstanding photo experience. Here, your guests stand on a podium, giving their best poses while a camera mounted on a rotating arm captures 360 degrees slow motion. It records every second of 360 degrees rotation creating high-resolution video that you can utilize to produce stunning pictures from different angles, small video clips and share them readily on social media accounts

We all love to feel like a celebrity on our special day, and our 360 degrees video booth for weddings just creates a paparazzi vibe by letting you pose in many different ways, taking photos from every angle, and creating complete attention, making you feel like a celebrity. This photo booth is way different from a conventional photo booth, which requires multiple cameras to be placed at different angles to create the limelight effect.

Booking a 360 Video Photo Booth Rental

The 3d photo booth rental is perfect for any corporate event or social occasion which are looking to create an impact. We achieve this objective in a spectacular way by creating short videos and integrating them with your requirements, making it perfect sharable content. Booking 360 video photo booth rental is relatively easy and only requires few steps as mentioned below:

• Check Availability: Atlanta video 360 is a unique 3D photo experience of its kind that remains high in demand; hence, booking it early is the best way to secure this for your date and wow your guest with this unique experience.

• Provide Your Details: Share details with respect to your event date, location, and time so that we can reserve 360 Video Experience for you. Sharing your event objective is also very helpful for creating the best experience for you and your guests.

• Book your 360 Photo Booth: Once your 360 photo booth is finalized, we can start to proceed with other creativities like your overlay artwork, audio tracks, and green screen for creating some amazing video effects.

• Event Delivery: We have been in the photo booth business for over a decade and have worked with the most prestigious venues and stadiums. Allow us to work with your venue to ensure that all documentation and risk assessment has been taken care of to provide safe and high-impact event activation.

Find More about 360 Video Camera Rental

360 video camera rental is all about delivering a unique and first-class experience to our clients through our open photo booths, GIF booths, mirror booths, photography, vintage photo booths, green screen activations, flower walls, and social events activations. For a wedding event , our 360 video wedding creates an immersive photo experience. Utilizing fastest processing power, this slow motion video booth wedding compresses and transfers videos of high quality with the best sound and customized branding to a sharing media within seconds at the event.

If you want to know more about our camera rental services, kindly drop us a line with any question you may have or if you require a free quote, and we will be happy to serve you. With 360 photo booth activation, we again ensure you that we will be providing unique and engaging content which not only makes your guests happy but also allows them to share quickly all over social media creating a buzz all around.

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