Make   Your   Baby   Shower   Celebration   A   Memorable   One   Via   Baby   Shower   Photo   Booths

It always sounds fantastic when you and your partner are ready to welcome your love sign “Your Child,” or as the first child, you are ready to welcome your little sister or brother. It is always best to add a warm glow to the day spent under a baby shower. 

From bar mitzvahs, quinces to graduation and weddings ceremonies, photo booths are the perfect way to celebrate those beautiful events in your life.  Baby shower photo booths are not only a great way to have fun at your party but also a great way to collect everyone’s best wishes and happy messages for a great time in your life.

How To Use A Baby Shower Photo Booth?

Photo Booths are the best entertainment medium when it comes to a baby shower. You can use Baby Shower Photo Booth in various cutest ways to make your event a lifetime memory. 

Pregnancy Announcement: You have probably seen a photo booth with a theme save date announcements before the wedding. Well, what is the announcement of pregnancy, if not “save the day” for your future baby? Or use the same concept to design invitations for baby showers.

Props: Everyone loves a photo booth, but props are what make it so fun! Collect exciting photo booth props and see how fast your friends and relatives get into action. At Pop-n Pixels, we have photo booth oodles for any theme or event. No matter what type of event you have, we probably have a set of resources that will go well.

Video Messaging: You can use one of the favorite features of photo booth for baby shower – video messaging. Instead of taking still photos, let your guests record short video clips with their best advice, hopes, and congratulations on the new addition to your family.

Prediction: What else is it like, baby shower and Super Bowl? Betting Pools! People love to bet on children: gender, name, date of birth, birth weight… you say, people will bet on it. So use a photo booth to capture those predictions at once. Use a whiteboard or a dry wipe board and have people write down their predictions and gather all the information you will find later.

Baby Shower Photo Booth Rental Packages

Our Baby shower photo booth rental packages include:

  • Swift delivery, setup, and tear-down of the booth
  • Availability of a professional and knowledgeable attendant for the duration of the event
  • Unlimited usage in scheduled time.
  • Professionally designed custom welcome screen
  • Unlimited photo printouts
  • Top-quality, exciting, and unique props that our competitors don’t offer, whitewall backdrop
  • Professionally designed photo print-outs
  • Online photo gallery

Hiring a photo booth allows your visitor to send a digital version of their fun photo session, which will always be a better picture than trying to take a picture with a cell phone. Call us today to know more about our packages and other inquires.


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