When it comes to planning a successful event, there are many aspects to consider. From the catering to the drinks, setup, decorations, venue, and more, it seems that there are almost an endless number of things you can consider to create the perfect party or celebration.

When all is said and done, a perfect event should be remembered. You put a lot of work into making your event happen, so you’ll want to commemorate that with photos of the beautiful party. When you work with PopnPixels for your Atlanta event rentals, that’s exactly what we’ll provide. We provide a way for your guests to interact with the event and will create beautiful images from your party. Not only will you be able to access the photos digitally and in print versions, but your guests will be able to as well. When we provide photo booths for parties, our clients’ guests always mention how wonderful of an addition the photo booth made.

Our kiosks provide an element of excitement, spontaneity, and collaboration to any type of event, whether it be a holiday gathering, a fundraiser, a sweet sixteen celebration, or you name it! If you want your party to stand out, call and ask about renting one of our Pixel Stations or the brand new Social Media Printing Station. Our packages always include backdrops, props, hashtags, and prints. We have various different packages, so no matter what you’re looking for, we’ll be able to provide the correct photo booth package for you. We can customize your hashtag, the size of image (4×6, or larger), include real or virtual backgrounds, and more. We’ve done Bar Mitzvahs, pool parties, family reunions, birthday parties, engagement celebrations, Quinceaneras, and more. We love getting to be a part of our clients’ celebrations by adding a special element to the party.

Our Social Media Printing Station offers hashtag printing, which works by printing all images that are taken and posted using the set hashtag on Instagram. This makes it easy for the host of the party to keep track of all the wonderful photos of friends and family and is a perfect icebreaker for guests.

It gets people to mingle with each other and take fun photos throughout your event! Not only do we provide a whimsical element to parties, we believe that a photo booth brings the party. Giving your guests the opportunity to get silly, take photos, and let their guards down really creates a fun and carefree vibe that carries throughout the event.

Our booths are customizable and versatile to be able to offer a personalized and unique experience where people can pose, capture their images, and post them on whatever platforms they use. We believe and have seen firsthand how our image stations really bring out the energetic side of people and can light up a room. If you want to engage with your guests and give them the best experience possible, hire us today to provide a rented image station at your event! We’ve even done Christmas parties, graduations, and more. No matter your event, we guarantee a photo booth rental will make it even better.


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