In the simplest terms, our Pixel Station is basically a life-size iPhone combined with a photo booth . It brings together GIFs, social media, a green screen, and instant photo printing. It utilizes a high-quality DSLR camera to produce stunning images, which connects to the Pixel Station to utilize all of these features. The Pixel Station is interactive and will always come with an attendant on duty to ensure the smooth running of each image capture for your guests. Event attendees can use props, backgrounds, and GIFs to take fun and commemorative photos. Then, they will input their contact information to get their photos immediately sent to their devices.

Using a Pixel Station is as simple as using an iPhone, and it looks like one too! It is tall, slim, and white, which provides a sleek and clean appearance at 

any party. The Pixel station is a great option for those looking for​ photo booth rentals in Atlanta​. It does need to be connected to a power source via an extension cord, which is something to bear in mind when planning where it will be placed at a venue.

However, it can be placed indoors or outside if desired. It is quick, simple, and easy to provide beautiful and quality images to your friends and family using the Pixel Station.

Guests can get silly and try on different props, which helps break down barriers with guests who may not know everyone at a party. After a photo has been snapped, our Pixel Station can print a photo for your guests in fewer than 10 seconds. The great thing about the Pixel Station is that it allows more than just a couple of people to take a photo at one time. Because it utilizes a DSLR camera and there is no actual “booth,” several people can join together at once to take photos, providing fun and laughter for everyone.

The Pixel Station can print the images, or guests can enter their number or social media handles to get their images sent to them instantly. 

This allows guests to share photos on social media immediately, which can be a great marketing opportunity for businesses and branding. There are also various customizable features, such as adding branding to all of the photos, adding logos, and more.

We can even create a virtual photo album that will allow the host to view the gallery whenever they want! Selfies are the latest rage. This booth is compact, sleek, and simple, but with a twist: Our Pixel Station has all the features of every photo booth rental on the market combined! It is the life of the party for all occasions. It’s perfect for branding and creating instant memories. The Pixel Station takes high quality pictures and allows guests to print, share, and personalize their photos using our 32″ interactive touchscreen. Features include instant social media uploads, e-mail/text sharing, green screen, props, online photo albums, animated GIFs, and premium lighting. We want your event to stand out!


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