Below Are Our Answers To Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Green Screen Work?

Our Pixel Station uses a Green Screen to automatically replace a green background with various, customizable digital backdrops for you and your guests to choose from.

Does The Pixel Station Need To Be Plugged In?

Yes, a power source needs to be accessible (110V, 20 Amps, and a 3-pronged outlet). We will provide extension cords as needed.

What If I Need To Cancel Or Change Dates?

If you need to change your date there is no charge as long as it is done with at least two weeks notice. (If the date is available) However, if the date is not available or you need to cancel your order entirely, any money paid as a deposit cannot be returned.

Does The Pixel Station Print Pictures On The Spot?

Yes, it prints high quality photos in just 8 seconds! Guests can INSTANTLY text, e-mail, or upload all of the photos directly to social media.

Does PopnPixels Provide All Props?

Yes, we can provide a variety of fun props, or you can bring your own.

Can The Pixel Station Be Used For Outdoor Events?

Yes, our photo booths can be used indoors or outdoors. A power source will need to be provided (see above). All of our packages come with our premium lighting kit to ensure great quality photos.

I'm Ready To Book PopnPixels--What Do I Do Now?

A 50% deposit and signed contract are required to book each event.

ALL MONIES (or outstanding fees) ARE DUE 7 DAYS PRIOR TO EACH EVENT. If booking within the 7-day time frame, all monies are due UPON BOOKING/UP FRONT. All debit, credit, and Square payments accepted. Checks are accepted forms of payment ONLY IF CLEARED PRIOR TO EVENT DATE.

Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. We look forward to making you smile — because your joy brings us joy!