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Nothing gets people more excited to post on social media and talking about your brand than creating physical mementos and fun interactive activities at your corporate event.

Whether it’s a corporate happy hour, meeting, team building event, trade show, or even an industry convention, engagement is everything! What better way to create authentic engagement with your brand than to allow a space for your guests to have fun with your brand, and take photos with colleagues and friends?

Having a photo booth rental at your event ensures that people will mingle, connect with one another, and have fun. Our Social Media Printing Station allows 

guests to take photos with their smartphones and post them on social media using a branded hashtag. It will then automatically print the photos your attendees want… It’s that easy!

Our Social Media Printing Station directly incentivizes people to post photos using your hashtags, which is exactly what tells our kiosk to print out each picture. This social media engagement is a brilliant marketing strategy, and it ensures that your guests are having fun together, all while sharing about it on social media.

We recommend corporate photo booth rentals because, rather than hiring a photographer to walk around an event and passively capture people in various conversations, your guests are choosing to interact with each other and take photos together on their own with props or specialized virtual photo backgrounds containing your company information. Everyone gets to walk out of the event with a souvenir from the night and can keep that memorable symbol of the corporate gathering.

Photo Booths are a great way to break down social barriers and encourage interaction with colleagues in the industry. Don’t let your event become just another one of the other countless, generic corporate happy hours…Allow your company to STAND OUT with PopnPixels!

We live in an era of social media, and photos are always a hit. Scheduling your photo booth rental in Atlanta, GA, is a unique and creative way to help your employees relax, take photos with their work friends, and capture fun memories with your company.

Here at PopnPixels, we are committed to serving the greater Atlanta area to the best of our abilities, so we strive to provide affordable pricing for all events. We go the extra mile for our clients because we want to be your go-to corporate photo booth rental company in Atlanta. The addition of a photo booth at your event is an invaluable bonus to an already great gathering. It can add a whimsical, lighthearted feel to any meeting, happy hour, or corporate event you have planned.

We have a number of different props, backgrounds, booth options, and more. Every event is unique, and we have several different rental packages to be able to accommodate all types of celebrations at various price points. Contact us if you are looking for an Atlanta photo booth rental today!

Don’t forget to ask about all of the special and customizable aspects of our photo booths, too! We have GIFs, can help you personalize hashtags, backgrounds, and so much more. Call today for an estimate on your party rental!


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