Face painting activity can make anyone happy, especially the children. If you are specifically looking for face painting for parties near me, PopnPixel are the one to end your search. Face painting can cherish anybody and it is one of the most popular party activity amongst the kids. If you need a children face painter or even a face painter for adults, we are to introduce ourselves as the best face painter in town with over hundreds of designs and lovely bright colors to disguise you in any look and design of your choice.

Face Painting for Any Occasion

If you are looking for a face painting artist for the occasion like birthday party, family reunion party, friends get together, bachelor’s 

party, prom nights, product launch or promotion party, corporate functions etc., we are the party face painter to add a tint in your event. We are a perfect choice for adult Mardi Grass party, sports events, teen parties or any children’s event Who doesn’t like to cover their faces with beautiful colors? At PopnPixel, our artists are specialists in making any type of designs on your face as per the occasion or the party theme or simply as per your choice. If you are looking for face painting near me for your children birthday party, do not go anywhere else. We are the best-known face painter in Atlanta to make your party a memorable event.

Face Painting for All Ages

Our artists are highly professional face and body painters with an experience of over 5-6 years in attending several events and parties to display their talents. PopnPixel is a face painting company with several face-painting artists, each with unique talent and experiences. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to color your face with fascinating colors and glitters. We have painted the face of a 9-month baby to 99-year-old grandpa!

Tell Us about Your Choices

Our skilled artists are one of the best professional face painters in Atlanta. They have a fantastic flare to create numerous designs as per the demand of the customer.

Even if you are looking for Halloween face painting near me, simply end your search because we are here to present you some of the best and unique Halloween face painting ideas. Following are our face painting serv

Skin Friendly Colors

At PopnPixel, we use organic and skin friendly colors for painting your face and hands. We offer an amazing face painting services to our customers and make sure to take necessary precautions and prior testing of the colors before painting. Our artists are highly professional in delivering the task and thus you can entrust your little one to us to give a kiss of bright colors on his face or cheeks.

If you don’t like paints on your face but still excited about colors, we can create a beautiful glitter tattoo or a design using colors of your choice on your hands. Our glitters are waterproof and lasts for 5 to 7 days. If you are looking for the face painting near me for your party, trust our services and talents of our professional artists to deliver best to you.

Our Offerings

We offer a variety of packages and services for you to select. If you are anxious about face painter hire services and thinking about which package and service should do best for your event, give us a call and we shall help you making your choice on the basis of your event, duration and budget.

Full Face or Half Face Painting

This is our simple face paintingpackage which is a best choice as children face painter service. If you have a simple event at home, family gathering, birthday party or any other occasion, you need not have to think much before selecting this pack. We would provide a full-face and half-face coverage service, charged on hourly basis.

Theme Based Face Painting

Our theme based face painting service includes the painting or coloring the faces as per the given theme, like prices theme, Halloween, animal theme party etc. The theme could be any of your choice, provided you book us in advance for the same so that we can make special arrangements as per your party theme. We are the party face painter to make your theme based event a reality.

Sports or Corporate Events

If you are a sports fan and today is your favorite team on the match, call us for making the event grand. We can design your favorite team’s flag, pictures and team logo on your face and hands to raise the level of excitement. We are a renowned face painting company to give our services in your corporate events as well.

Airbrush Face Painting

We also offer the airbrush service to our clients who look for perfect edges and professional touch on their faces. This is the best choice for the events like product launch or promotion, corporate events etc. where there is a need to create perfect company logo, text or product picture on the face.

So don’t just keep searching for face painting near me and book our services well in advance for special discounts and packages.


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