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Photo Booth For Sale At The Best Price in Atlanta

PopnPixels is a leading distributor of photo booths in Atlanta. We utilize the latest technologies in our booths. Founded in 2015, the company has witnessed enormous growth working at huge events and with top-rated brands. We have booths for every occasion, be it a wedding, party, corporate event, or celebrity event. Our team of professionals provides complete support to our clients, making the process smooth, plus state of the art equipment. We offer the best photo booth for sale at a very competitive price. These photo booths are fully quality tested and come with exclusive cutting edge designs backed with first-class service.

Is The Portable Photo Booth For Sale Advantageous?

In a world where everybody wants something new and exciting, a photo booth increases the fun factor by manifolds. It provides a great business opportunity with which you can earn high profits with little investment. Whether it is a party, a wedding, or a corporate event, you can easily place a Photo Booth Machine and entertain people by providing individual and group photos, as well as, various types of funny pictures with different backdrops. You can also place one at a popular tourist destination and earn handsomely. Moreover, this photo booth purchase requires very low maintenance. 


Whether you want to establish yourself as a photo booth business owner or want to become a business that deals in photo booths as a service, PopnPixels’ portable photo booth for sale will be a wise investment for your success. You can buy a photo booth and give your business an extra spark.

Why Choose Photo Booth Business:

  1. Low Start-Up Costs – It does not need a huge investment.
  2. Movable Equipment: It requires minimum space.
  3. Highly Profitable: Supply cost is low, which ensures high profits.
  4. Proven Technology and Business: We equip you with all the tools needed to start up a successful photo booth business.
  5. Customers Are Everywhere: Photo booths can be set up at weddings, parties, schools, tourist places, corporate events and many other places.

Our Offerings During Sale:

We all love discounts and it becomes more interesting when it comes to quality products. During festivals and special occasions, we provide photo booths for sale along with various other products and accessories. Our Pixel Station is the best photo booth to buy. We also offer various photo booth kiosks for sale.

Pixel Station Booth

Our products come in an all white exclusive design and are fully tested for best quality. Check out our digital photo booth, and our wedding photo booth, adding an additional fun factor while improving your marketability to help organically grow your business.

 About Us:

PopnPixels is a well-established photo booth company providing exceptional quality products to our clients and outstanding after-sale services and support. Our photo booths are manufactured with expert craftsmanship delivering the highest quality. We are knowledgeable in a wide variety of photo booth models so that one can select the best according to their business. Each photo booth has something unique to offer.

As a leading photo booth distributor, we set high standards for ourselves. Whenever you buy a product from us, you will also get one-year free support services from us. In case of any fault, just call customer care and we will get it fixed in the shortest possible time. Complete customer satisfaction is what we strive for, and that is why we work hard to provide the best prices, quality, and services.



Pixel Station Photo Booth

Professional DSLR Camera

1 Year Photo Booth Software License

Marketing Materials

Dye Sublimation Printer

Top-Notch Lighting

1 Green Screen Backdrop & Stand

1 Year Photo Booth Support 24/7 Helpline Subscription

Basic Package


Starter Package


Pro Package