Get the Most Out of Your Photo Booth Rental

Since the early 2000’s, photo booths have become an event must-have. Whether you’re hosting a wedding reception, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, private party, or corporate party; it can boost the energy and excitement of your event to another level. Here are a few tips and tricks to guarantee you get the best experience with your photo booth rental.

Choose an Area for your Photo Booth: You have a photo booth booked; now what? You should consider several things such as visibility, traffic, space, and your event timeline. This isn’t our first shindig! We’ve encountered almost every scenario when it comes to surprises at events. If you have any trouble, our fully trained staff can help direct you to the best location possible. We are also willing to visit the venue with you to discuss optimal placement.

Visibility: We recommend you choose an area close to the action. This is a key contributing factor to underutilized photo booths at events. Chances are, if guests can’t see us, it’s less likely to be used as frequently.

Traffic: Photo booths are a people magnet! Guests tend to congregate, laugh, and socialize around it. It’s important to keep the photo booth in the mix but still away from heavy traffic areas such as doorways, and tables. We also suggest placing it at least 6 feet away from DJ’s and catering. This ensures a simple and easy way for patrons to enter and exit the photo booth area. 

Space: An ideal space is 10 feet long, 10 feet wide, and 10 feet high, or 10x10x10, without windows or direct sunlight. Be sure to leave room for a line as well.

Timeline: Most photo booths are rented hourly. Think about what you have planned and for how long. At a graduation ceremony, for example, have the start time align with when the ceremony ends and the reception starts. That way, you don’t pay for an idle hour and/or add-on additional time to keep the party alive.

Building Guest Engagement: Over the years, we have learned a few ways to enhance participation. One advantage is everyone’s taking pictures in “open air,” so the other guests can easily see them strike a pose while having fun. The majority of the time, we’ve found if someone didn’t take a photo, they either forgot unless prompted, or they may be a little shy! Here are a few ideas to get even them to join.

Announcements: At the start of an event, explicitly draw attention by making an announcement expressing how important it is for you to have photos of everyone in attendance. Incite interest by briefly mentioning the picture booths features and silly props. We can also ask the DJ to remind the audience that the photo booth is available for use.

Signage: When there’s no alternative other than to set-up in an undesirable locale, signage can exponentially increase involvement. Strategically placed visual cues such as flyers, signs, and posters help attendees find the booth with minimal effort. The more people see it; the more people will use it.

Contests: Give your guests an incentive. This is a fun way to build foot traffic and boost your online presence simultaneously. Create an event-specific hashtag and encourage guests to upload a photo on whatever social media platform they choose using your event hashtag. At the end of the party, choose a winning photo and invite the winner to collect a prize. In addition to great foot traffic, you’ll also see a trackable boost in your online presence.

Customization: It’s all about the details! When we work with our clients, there are a few things we consider to help design the perfect visual experience. From virtual parties to retail activations we take your idea and run with it. The possibilities are endless!

Customized Prints: A photo isn’t just as sheet of paper with a picture on it; It’s an experience! Our photo experiences allow you to capture the excitement of an event with personalized artwork by our in-house graphics team.

Memory Books: We create handmade scrapbooks full of your guests’ pictures with a colorful, personalized note next to their images. This is a perfect addition that you get to take home as a special keepsake.

Backdrops: Everyone has Sequin and Bokeh backdrops at events. Give your guests something they’ve never seen before! Why not even design your own? We have designed Step and Repeat backdrops and Custom Digital backdrops using green screen technology for tons of clients. We also have a wide array of backdrop selections to choose from.

Personalized Props: Props are like the cherry on top in the photo booth industry. They wrap the overall vision together nicely for added fun. We can design and order quality props to fit your theme or corporate activation.

Part of the excitement of the entertainment experience is created by the people in the booth. But, more to a certain degree is attributed to the booth itself. We love what we do and can work with you to create the perfect photo booth rental to match your event theme or branding. Once it comes together, the results will be stellar and guaranteed to leave your guests with a lasting impression. Contact us today to inquire about your next event via phone at (404)-748-3358 or e-mail us at info@PopnPixels.com.